Conquer Mars: The Game is set for early access on May 10, offering realistic space survival

Occupy Mars: The Game, an open-world tech survival experience, is set to launch in early access on May 10 via steam. Players will immerse themselves in the challenges of colonizing Mars, including managing essential supplies, building and upgrading bases, and exploring the diverse terrain of the Red Planet.

In order to survive, players must carefully manage resources such as water, oxygen, food, and energy. They must be prepared for emergencies by stocking up on essential supplies. Building and upgrading the base will be crucial to smooth operations, as players must accommodate unpredictable weather conditions and ensure orderly command center functions, especially when it comes to wiring.

Selecting the optimal location for the base will involve scouting suitable terrain with minimal interference from extreme conditions. Access to subterranean ice resources and a relatively flat surface are critical factors to consider. The game’s realistic day-night cycle will allow players to experience the unique atmosphere of Mars, including blue sunsets and sunrises. Solar energy will play a vital role in survival, requiring players to install enough solar panels and batteries to store extra energy for the hours of darkness.

Since time is of the essence, players must develop their skills to quickly handle outages and malfunctions on Mars. To navigate the Red Planet, vehicles that adapt to its surface will be essential, with upgrades and modifications available to improve performance. The rover, in particular, will be indispensable to the research work.

Image: Pyramid Games

Occupy Mars: The Game draws inspiration from current technologies and corporations striving to make humanity a multi-planetary species. Players will engage in mining operations, water recovery, oxygen generation, crop cultivation and equipment repair using realistic electronic components and tools. Proper cable management, greenhouse construction, oxygen tank and fuel generator installation will all be part of the base construction process.

Players will explore the diverse regions of Mars in search of valuable resources, mining sites, and ideal locations for cities. The game’s open world sandbox format, complete with a realistic day/night cycle, will challenge players to overcome the real-life obstacles encountered by the colonists. Building and upgrading solar arrays and batteries to store energy will be essential to the operation of the colony.

In the game’s garage, players can upgrade vehicles and equipment, modify their rover, and engage in various activities such as changing crane hydraulics, operating automatic weapons, and building mining rigs. Adapting to the harsh conditions of Mars may not always be easy, but players will learn to deal with the “unscheduled breakaway” and act quickly when faced with dwindling supplies of air, food, or energy.

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