DAVE THE DIVER Free ‘Godzilla’ DLC Releases May 23

DAVE THE DIVER “Godzilla” DLC Releasing for Free on May 23, Developer MINTROCKET Announced.

Here’s an overview of the content, via PlayStation Blog:

Monstrous giants lurk in the unfathomable depths of the Blue Hole, and their formidable presence strikes terror into the hearts of any who dare venture into their domain. They interfere with Dave’s quiet fishing activities, but inadvertently become main ingredients for his sushi restaurant. Its colossal shapes give an unexpected and tasty touch to culinary creations.

Godzilla, the mighty monarch of monsters whose legendary reign celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, now emerges to make a historic appearance from the depths of the Blue Hole. Get ready to encounter the impressive Godzilla, arriving on May 23.

G-Force, the military organization of godzilla Series

G-Force, an international joint military organization formed by the United Nations and the JSDF, has the primary mission of safeguarding humanity and defending global peace. They follow Godzilla’s trail, leading them to the elusive depths of the Blue Hole.

“Godzilla was injured. “We tracked his brain waves and they brought us here…”

Kaiju discovered in the abyss

While diving the dark depths of the Blue Hole in search of fish, Dave confronts Godzilla, wounded and recovering from his injuries. Caution grips the mighty titan as he senses Dave approaching, but it looks like he might need the help of an unexpected ally.

Beware of the relentless Kaiju that chases you

Embark on an exciting adventure in the godzilla Downloadable content where you will participate in a thrilling chase with Ebirah, the iconic deep-sea Kaiju from the 1966 live-action film. Ebirah, the horror of the depths. Dive into the ocean depths to evade Ebirah’s attacks as the creature relentlessly pursues the submarine carrying Dave and Miki.

Epic battle with Ebirah

Harpoons prove ineffective against the Kaiju’s impenetrable shell. In a bold move, Dave abandons his usual team for a more formidable approach. Board the G-Force submarine to face Ebirah head-on. Despite his lack of submarine piloting experience, Dave needs to stay focused to penetrate Ebirah’s shell.

Which side is Godzilla on…?

Godzilla is famous for his city-destroying attacks, but beneath his fearsome exterior lies his true nature: defending the planet against imminent threats. When another malevolent Kaiju emerges, Godzilla’s loyalties might unexpectedly align with yours.

Beneath the calm surface of the world of Dave the Diver lies a host of dangers lurking in the depths.

Amid Godzilla’s looming presence, prepare and venture into the increasingly dangerous depths of the Blue Hole.

DAVE THE DIVER is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via Steam. It is also available as part of the PlayStation Plus game catalog.

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