Dave the Diver hits Switch next month with special bonuses

Dave the Diver is one of the busiest video games sleeper hits of 2023 and will continue to be. Dave the Diver hit PC earlier this year but now, developer Mintrocket has revealed that the sushi restaurant management game will hit the Switch next month.

More specifically, Dave the Diver will launch on Switch on October 26, and will do so with Switch-exclusive bonuses, but only for pre-orders.

The game will cost $19.99 on Switch, and you can pre-order it on the Nintendo eShop right now. You can also check out the game’s demo on Switch right now. Pre-ordering the game before its release will get you a bonus skin for Dave’s boat and an exclusive lamp decoration for the sushi restaurant. Mintrocket describes the boat skin as nostalgic and themed after an 8-bit visual style, while the lamp depicts Dave in “(a) charming retro style”.

“We’re seeing and hearing the reception of our first game on the moon,” Dave the Diver game director Jaeho Hwang writes in a press release. “Bringing this to the Switch community is a major goal for us because we think the console is a home where players can truly appreciate everything Dave Diver has to offer.”

For the uninitiated, Dave the Diver works for players diving underwater to collect ingredients during the day, which are used to serve hungry customers at an ocean sushi restaurant at night. However, there is a mystery from “the deepest depths of the blue hole, the setting in which (Dave) swims on this amazing journey”.

Dave the Diver is currently available on PC. It will hit the Switch on October 26.

While waiting for its Switch release, read on Game Informers Dave the Diver review.

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