Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023 launches on May 2nd


Destiny 2’s annual Guardian Games are set to begin on May 2, igniting three weeks of friendly competition between the various classes leading up to the season 20 finale on May 23. Guardians will work together to claim victory for their respective classes in this spirited competition.

Eva Levante returns as the main event host, and players can talk to her to grab a Guardian Games quest and class item. The goal is to deposit medals, earned through various activities, for a chance to win the daily and overall event rankings. Low-level medals can be earned from Gambit matches, Quickplay Crucible, Vanguard playlists, Neptune activities, and Defiant Battlegrounds. High-level medals are awarded for playing Nightfalls, Raids, Dungeons, Competitive Crucible, Trials of Osiris, and Legend Defiant Battlegrounds.

Rival Cards and Platinum Cards, which can be purchased with Glimmer, provide additional opportunities to earn Gold and Platinum medals. Throughout the event, players have the opportunity to earn two Guardian Games weapons: the return of the Title Void SMG with new perks and the new Taraxippos, a legendary Strand Scout Rifle.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023 Hunter Image
Image: Bungie

Strike scoring, introduced in last year’s Guardian Games, returns with updated Milestones, Challenges, and Strike Medals. Players can earn powerful buffs for their weapons and abilities by achieving higher scores, unlocking more opportunities for higher scores and stronger buffs. Guardian Games Ops Playlist and Guardian Games Ops Competitive Playlist, both of which feature scoring, and provide Guardians with different challenges and rewards.

A special Crucible game mode, Supremacy, is available during Guardian games with the option of class matchmaking. Guardians must recover branded badges from fallen enemies and allies to score points and defeat opposing classes.

Available to all players, the Event Card allows Guardians to complete challenges and get additional rewards from Guardian Games, including two new exotic emotes and an all-new nickname, Champ. Upgrading the Event Pass for 1000 Silver unlocks more rewards, which can be obtained using tickets earned by completing challenges. If players earn titles from the Winter Solstice, Lost Festival, and Last Resurrection events, obtaining the Champion title also unlocks the Reveler title for the first time.


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