Destiny 2 Season 21: Warlock ability changes announced for Stormcaller and Voidwalker


bungee has Detect noticeable changes For Warlock class abilities in Destiny 2 Season 21, to address the poor performance of some Super options in high-level content. The primary focus is on the Stormcaller and Voidwalker subclasses, with additional quality of life fixes being implemented throughout.

For the Voidwalker subclass, Bungie is increasing the PvE damage output of both the Nova Bomb and Nova Warp variants, while also enabling Nova Warp to make targets volatile. Nova Warp’s PvE damage has been increased by 15%, and the fully charged attack makes enemies jittery when hit. Nova Bomb’s PvE damage boosted by 20%.

The Stormcaller subclass is also getting attention, with Bungie believing that neither Stormtrance nor Chaos Reach perform well in their intended roles. Both abilities will increase your PvE damage output and will grant access to the jolt keyword. Stormtrance’s PvE damage has been increased by 25%, with the damage buff occurring while attacking faster (over 3sec, down from 5), Landfall blasting and Seekers now shaking targets. Chaos Reach’s PvE damage increased by 25%, and sustained damage on a single target now deals a lightning bolt strike at the target’s location. In addition, his resistance to damage against players has been increased from 40% to 50%, and the attacker’s max speed has been boosted from 3.5m/s to 4.5m/s. The super camera is also tuned to avoid the player’s body obstructing the sight of targets when bombing.

Winter’s Wrath, a crowd control tool, has been given a small 10% PvE damage boost to increase its usability in situations like boss damage phases. The Daybreak Super Camera has been modified to allow the player to look down and avoid visual effects that obscure targets when moving quickly.

Bungie has been making several tweaks to the base cooldown times and targeted improvements to the pain points they’ve noticed since the launch of Lightfall, as they continue to evaluate Strand’s performance in the live game. Changes are made to Arcane Needle, Grapple, and Thread of Generation in the Warlock subclass.

Stasis tuning updates are also implemented, revisiting previous changes made to Stasis subclasses and making updates where certain Stasis abilities or aspects are lacking in the current scene. Warlock’s Frostpulse ability now provides an additional 2m of melee dash range after activating for 1.2 seconds.

Light subclasses also receive a general tuning pass, which focuses on abilities that are significantly over- or under-performing. For Warlocks, changes are being made to the Incinerator Snap, Ball Lightning, and a pair of Chaos Accelerant booster bombs.

Season 21 sees tweaks to the Lightning Surge, fixing a bug that allowed it to effectively fire at an enemy player in the Crucible if it was activated near a wall or other surface. This fix, along with other updates, aims to provide a more consistent experience for both the attacker and the target.


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