Zelda TotK – Who is Rauru in Zelda Lore?


Outside of the big three (Link, Zelda, and Ganon), it’s hard to find another character in Zelda lore more important than Rauru. Outside of being responsible for a huge landmark in Hyrule, Rauru was a key figure in the events of Ocarina of Time. This is all aside of his duties as one of the Seven Sages of legend.

The History of Rauru in The Legend of Zelda

Rauru is one of the Seven Sages in The Legend of Zelda, more specifically the Sage of Light. This group of sages were responsible for sealing away Ganon multiple times throughout the franchise. Of all of the sages, however, Rauru has had the biggest effect on the history of Hyurle.

Most notably, Rauru built the Temple of Time which housed the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This would eventually become the same temple that appears on the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild.

Despite all of that, though, Rauru’s biggest claim to fame was the help that gave Link in Ocarina of Time. When Ganon took over Hyrule Castle and the Triforce of Power, it was Rauru who hid Link away in the Sacred Realm for seven years until he came of age to battle Ganon. He would then reappear at the end of the game to seal Ganon away with the other sages.

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Will Rauru show up in Tears of the Kingdom?

While nothing is confirmed, there is a possibility that the Seven Sages, Rauru included, could appear in Tears of the Kingdom. Based on the final trailer for the game, it looks like Ganondorf is making a big return. It’s possible this was done by breaking the seal that the Seven Sages placed on him originally, in which case the Seven Sages might show up in a cutscene.

Trivia about Rauru in The Legend of Zelda

In Ocarina of Time, Link technically meets Rauru well before he gets sealed away in the Sacred Realm. The Hyrule Historia confirmed that Kaepora Gaebora, the owl which gives Link tidbits of information as a child, is actually Rauru in the form of an Owl. This is also why Gaepora, the head of the Knight Academy in Skyward Sword, looks so much like Rauru.

Another interesting fact about Rauru is that he is actually named after a town in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Each of the Seven Sages is named after one of the towns in Adventure of Link, and Rauru is the first town that Link appears in in the game.

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