Disney Dreamlight Valley Announcements: “A Rift in Time” Paid Expansion, Apple Arcade Version, and More

Gameloft shared new announcements for Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams during his Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams Today’s showcase event, including details on the paid expansion “A Rift in Time” and its global launch, the roadmap to 2024, a version of Apple Arcade, and more.

Get the details below.

Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams Features paid expansion

Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams You will receive your first paid expansion pass on December 5.Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Crack in Time. This completely new story will unfold in three new biomes and three acts. At launch, as part of Act 1, players can expect to meet fan-favorite characters including Gaston, Rapunzel and EVE, while discovering new biomes such as Ancient’s Landing, Glittering Dunes and Wild Tangle.

On their adventures across the Isle of Eternity, players will discover the new time-manipulating Royal Hourglass tool, meet new animal companions, and reveal Ancient Machines, giving them the ability to automate some of their daily tasks. Also new to the expansion is a new board game called Scramblecoin. In this experience, players will play against Disney and Pixar villagers and collect character-inspired figures, each with their own unique powers. Collect the most coins to win, increase friendship between characters and unlock better figures!

Global release on December 5 along with a new free content update for base game players

Update 8, “The Return of the Pumpkin King,” was teased with a look at beloved Jack Skellington, Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burtonwho will join Valley of the light of dreams. This update also brings a new Star Path featuring iconic Winter Disney Princess looks and a new multiplayer feature that allows up to four players to visit each other’s valleys. Best of all, Update 8 will be available on December 5th along with the full release and Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Crack in Time expansion!

Roadmap revealed for 2024

A new content roadmap was unveiled highlighting the team’s dedication to a continuous update cycle going forward! Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams Players must anticipate the arrival of Mike and Sulley from Disney and Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. In early 2024, Tiana Disney’s Princess and the Frog in mid-2024, along with other surprise seasons of Villagers, Realms and Star Path.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition Launching on Apple Arcade on December 5

Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition is coming to Apple Arcade later this year, so players can experience their adventures on the go with their iPhone, iPad, as well as on Apple TV and Mac on December 5. Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition allows players to enjoy the base game along with our expansion, Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Crack in Timewith our latest updates and without Star Path or seasonal Premium Shop.

The soundtrack is now available on streaming services

He Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams The video game’s original soundtrack is now available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Pandora. Listen to your favorite music tracks from the game, no matter where you are.

Watch a new trailer and Showcase archive below.

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