Fairune: Fragment Isles announced for PC

Publisher Flyhigh Works and developers Skipmore and Esquadra have announced an action-adventure game. Fairune: Fragmented Isles for PC (Steam). It will be launched in 2024.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:


Where did all the fairies go?

Fairune: Fragmented Isles is an action-adventure game where you follow Liana throughout her journey solving mysteries and puzzles from island to island.


The three Fairune fairies have disappeared! What is happening to this world? Or perhaps the more important question is: what is about to happen? Liana and her faithful companion “Ancient Codex” are about to unravel the secrets of Fairune through her travels…


An energetic young woman “Motchmo”, the always calm and cool “Chromos”, a mysterious angel… These characters that Liana will meet on her way will surely add color to her journey.

Key Features

  • An action adventure and puzzle solving from Skipmore, creators of the titles Kamiko and Transirubí.
  • More than 30 islands to explore!
  • Less action, more puzzle solving!
  • The islands are smaller, so there’s no way you’ll get lost!
  • The beautifully designed pixel art and chiptune music are sure to please PSG fans!

Watch the announcement trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

Announce progress of progress


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