Nintendo reveals Super Mario Bros. is the fastest-selling game in the Wonder series

Yesterday, we learned that the Nintendo Switch has surpassed 132 million units sold, hot on the heels of strong results from recent first-party releases such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4. Now, Nintendo’s latest first-party release, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, is the fastest-selling game in the Super Mario series. This record was achieved after selling 4.3 million units in two weeks.

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder, released worldwide on October 20, achieved global cumulative sales of 4.3 million units in its first two weeks,” Nintendo Economic briefing reads “This is the fastest-selling Super Mario-related title. Super Mario-related titles have also been consistently selling for a long time. We expect this title to be an attractive choice for consumers this upcoming holiday season and continue to sell well. Next year as well.”

Nintendo highlights the caveat that Nintendo is collecting data by sales from the DS and Wii generations, meaning that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the fastest-selling Super Mario game since collections began during the Wii and DS generations. This means that previous Super Mario games were selling faster, but that’s unknown. Nevertheless, 4.3 million copies sold in two weeks is an impressive feat for the first new entry in the side-scrolling Super Mario series in 11 years.

Nintendo owns part of the game’s sales success Super Mario Bros. Movie, which hit theaters in April and quickly achieved the best opening of all time for an animated film. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo is following up on that success with the live-action Legend of Zelda movie announced yesterday.

Along with the news of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s sales, Nintendo highlights that Mario’s success will soon continue with upcoming Mario-related releases such as this month’s Super Mario RPG remake, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Paper Mario: The Thousand. Ear Door, Princess Peach Showtime, and its HD remaster of Luigi’s Mansion 2.

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