Final Fantasy XIV makes moves into esports with the Crystalline Conflict Regional Championships 2023

Square Enix seems set to push its world-renown MMO into the world of esports as Final Fantasy XIV announces the Crystalline Conflict Regional Championships 2023. Announced today on FFXIV’s Twitter, and set to take place over June and July this year, the Crystalline Conflict Regional Championships will culminate in an in-person tournament at the various FFXIV Fan Fest events with a cash prize of $22,500.00.

Crystalline Conflict was a new addition to the game for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and took over the role as the primary PvP game mode. A 5v5 competitive format, Crystalline Conflict sees players take part in a tug-of-war style mode that rewards both tactical play and individual skill.

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For the Crystalline Conflict Regional Championship 2023, teams from North America, Europe & Oceania, and Japan will compete in regional brackets before heading towards a final bracket. The tournament will begin with Preliminaries and Quarterfinals, which will be held online. Teams that emerge victorious in the Quarterfinals will be invited to their local Fan Festival to take part in the Finals to decide the regional champion!

As mentioned, the winners of each regional tournament will receive a cash prize $22,500.00, divided equally between participants, but also a trophy, in-game achievement, and in-game Title.

Overall, this move is bringing a serious competitive format to the premier PvP mode in FFXIV. With a huge rulebook and lots of entry requirements, this looks to be a pretty serious tournament. So sign up, grab your five best PvPers, and try to take home the gold in this PvP event!

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