Fortnite Light Campfires – Where & How to light them?

Campfires are an important part of surviving a round of Fortnite, and they become even more important when you have to light them as part of a quest. Here’s where to find all of the campfires on the Chapter 4, Season 2 map.

Where are the campfires in Fortnite?

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Campfires have been in Fortnite since 2018, but the locations of them have switched up a lot because of the ever-changing map. As of Chapter 4, Season 2, there are still plenty of them scattered across the island.

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The above map shows there’s pretty much no part of the island that’s free of them, but they don’t tend to be in the urban areas such as Mega City. Campfires are a way to top off on health after a firefight, so it’s helpful to know where they are.

How to light campfires in Fortnite

Lighting campfires is as easy as going up to them and interacting with them. Zero Builds players just have to stoke the fire a few times while traditional Battle Royale players will have to spend 30 wood to light it.

The flames will heal players up to 100 health, and they can be restoked if players have the wood required. Zero Build players won’t have this option, so that is one downside to playing without building. With so many campfires being scattered across the map, it shouldn’t be too hard to find another if yours goes out and you’re not fully healed.

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