Fortnite teases new competitive rankings coming May 16


I’ve always had a competitive spirit no matter what type of game I play, and even though Fortnite has always been a challenge to outlive other players, it lacked that ranked mode that some other games already had—until now. Fortnite finally teased a new competitive mode that will feature a ranking system. Keep reading for all the details!

Fortnite announces a new competitive mode with ranks

Fortnite is finally giving the players what they want: a highly competitive mode that ranks players based on their skill and how well they play. Though they only teased a short video on their Fortnite Twitter (hyperlinked here), they made it clear that there will be multiple rankings, from bronze to diamond and beyond. You won’t have to wait too long either because this update will launch on May 16.

They have already given us a taste of competitive play with their Arena mode, allowing players to work their way through more difficult matches, gaining hype the longer they survive and the more kills they earn. However, they have lacked a ranking system that other games have, such as Valorant or Overwatch. From the looks of it, they are finally going to add in a mode that does just this, featuring ranks very similar to those other games.

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Though it isn’t exactly clear what type of mode it will feature and if it will play by the same rules as the usual Battle Royale matches, players can start getting excited about this new challenge and earning a rank for themself. This potentially means Fortnite will finally have a skill-based matchmaking system and hopefully fewer bots. Check back again for more details and info about the mode on release!

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