Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online adds Alleyway, Baseball and Super Mario Land

He Game Boy – Nintendo Switch online the application will add has added Alley, Baseballand Super Mario LandNintendo announced.

Here’s an overview of each game, via Nintendo:

  • Alley – Knock down blocks with a bouncing energy ball and try to get a high score! As Mario, pilot your spaceship at the door to the Alley and destroy the space grids by deflecting the energy ball towards them. Keep the ship moving and the ball in play until all blocks have been cleared to finish the stage. As you progress through each level, you’ll be challenged to alternate stages, bonus rounds, and more. Speed ​​and quick reflexes will become your strongest allies as you reach the highest score. You are in charge in the Alley.
  • Baseball – Jump in and hit in this 1989 Game Boy classic. As a pitching team, throw a series of fastballs while adjusting your curve and velocity, but be careful not to tire your pitcher. If the batter hits, his outfield or infield can back him up. Strike out the opposing team and it will be your turn to attack. As a batting team, move your batter at home plate and time his swing toward the incoming ball. Try to reach the next base safely or score a home run. Strategize your team’s moves and lead your team to victory. Play ball!
  • Super Mario Land – Relive Mario’s first adventure on Game Boy! Obstacles and enemies of all kinds await you in the picturesque kingdoms of Sarasaland, where you will travel through ancient ruins, stay afloat in stormy waters, and face numerous challenges. As Mario, you’ll run, jump, and bounce your way to glory on your mission to save Princess Daisy (in her first appearance!) from a mysterious alien and restore peace to the land. This game also features some different gameplay features to discover, including the Superball Mario power-up and even levels where Mario pilots a plane and a submarine.

In Japan, Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru was also added to the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch online application.

Watch a trailer below.

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