Game Freak partners with their new game division: Project Bloom


In a move set to shake up the gaming industry, Private Division, the publishing flagship of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. , Announce a new publishing alliance With veteran Japanese developer Game Freak. As the publisher of choice for this ambitious new venture, Private Division will bring a new action-adventure intellectual property (IP) to the gaming world, currently under the intriguing codename, Project Bloom.

The partnership marks a new chapter for Game Freak, a company founded in 1989 with a solid reputation for creating likable games. The Tokyo-based developer is best known for the global phenomenon of the Pokémon franchise, which boasts over 30 entries and is celebrated as one of the best-selling game series in the history of the medium.

News of the partnership came alongside the reveal of the first piece of concept art for the upcoming game, a move that confirms the enthusiasm both Game Freak and Private Division have for the project. This initial glimpse into the world of Project Bloom has the gaming community in suspense.

Bloom's Fancy Project Game Image Capture
Photo: Game Freak/Private Division

Game Freak director Kota Furushima expressed his belief in Special Division, praising the publisher’s track record and global experience. “From the very beginning, Private Division was the publisher we wanted to work with on our new game,” commented Furushima. He expressed his eagerness to introduce a new, expanded adventure title, confirming that the team is excited to reveal more about the game as it progresses.

Furushima further confirmed that the project is a bold departure from Game Freak’s previous work, saying, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to create a new IP that is bold and very different from our previous work.”

Echoing Furushima’s sentiments, Take-Two Interactive’s chief strategy officer and head of the Special Division, Michael Wersch, expressed admiration for Game Freak’s long-term success in the industry. Worosz expressed his willingness to support Game Freak on their latest project, affirming that this collaboration marks the first time that a Western publisher has teamed up with the Japanese powerhouse. “We stand ready to help Game Freak unlock its potential,” he said, further noting his honor with the opportunity to bring a bold new IP to the gaming market.

Project Bloom is still in its infancy, with no specific release date announced yet. However, projections point to its release during fiscal year 2026 for Take-Two. The Special Division and Game Freak both expressed their desire to share more about the project as it develops, promising an exciting journey into the future for the gaming community.


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