Top 5 Bosses that should return in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

While many fans have been discussing the possibility of dungeons returning in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, not too much noise has been made about what bosses might comeback. The bosses that were in Breath of the Wild seemed a little uniform since they were all blights of Ganon. Tears of the Kingdom is an opportunity for some of the series favorite bosses to comeback, though.

Which bosses should return in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

5. Gohma

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There is a bit of Zelda tradition where either Gohma or a creature just like it appears as a boss. Gohma himself was in Ocarina of Time, Armogohma appears in Twilight Princess, and Morldarach from Skyward Sword shares much in common with the arachnid boss. Tears of the Kingdom might want to throw in their own spider for Link to defeat.

4. Stallord

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This boss is interesting because of the lore behind it. Lots of fans have theorized that Stallord is actually the dead remains of Volvagia from Ocarina of Time. That would make it pretty surprising if it came back to life once more with a Stalnox-like transformation in Tears of the Kingdom.

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3. Koloktos

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It’s hard to measure how fun it was beating Koloktos. I remember swinging my Wiimote furiously just hacking away at Koloktos with one of his own swords. It was the only Skyward Sword boss I genuinely wanted to rematch. Bringing Koloktos back in Tears of the Kingdom would be fun for plenty of fans, along with connecting the first game in the timeline to the last one.

2. Argorok

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Argorok was such a fun boss to fight that it’s hard to believe it would only appear in one game. Tears of the Kingdom is a perfect place for Argorok to reappear as well. Argorok was the final boss for the City in the Sky, and most of Tears of the Kingdom will take place in the sky. It sounds like there’s a good opportunity to have Link and Argorok duke it out on a sky platform overlooking Hyrule.

1. Twinrova

Image via Nintendo

Now that Ganondorf is coming back, it only makes sense to bring back the witches that raised him. Twinrova is the combination of Kotake and Koume, a pair of witches. Seeing as Breath of the Wild remixed a lot of classic designs (specifically for Impa and Ganon), it would be remarkable to see what Twinrova in Tears of the Kingdom would look like.

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