Genshin Impact Oveflowing Mastery Event Guide


Genshin Impact’s Overflowing Mastery event is a treat for all players looking to farm Talent level-up materials from May 15, 2023, to May 22, 2023. During the event period, all Talent material farming Domains will get a double drop rate boost.

There are a few limitations in the event—but you’ll want to participate regardless to save a ton of Resin to upgrade your characters. I always enjoy Overflowing Mastery events as I can max out a ton of characters’ Talents during this period while spending less Resin.

How to participate in the Genshin Impact Overflowing Mastery event

The event is open to all players who have unlocked any of the Domains that drop Talent level-up materials in the four nations:

  • Domain of Mastery – Forsaken Rift in Monstadt
  • Domain of Mastery – Taishan Mansion in Liyue
  • Domain of Mastery – Violet Court in Inazuma
  • Domain of Mastery – Steeple of Ignorance in Sumeru

Naturally, only the Domains that you’ve unlocked will be accessible to you. There are no prerequisites or special Event Quests required to start getting the double drop rate bonus. Simply head to your Domain of choice to start farming.

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Genshin Impact Overflowing Mastery double drop rate mechanics

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The double drop rate boost has three limitations:

  • It only applies to Domains that drop Talent level-up materials.
  • The double drop rate boost can only be applied three times per day across any of the Talent Domains.
  • You can’t apply the double drop rate boost using Condensed Resin. You can only use Original Resin. Each round costs x20 Original Resin.

With these in mind, we highly recommend farming the Talent Domains every day to maximize the drop rate bonus. It’s also important not to convert all your Original Resin to Condensed Resin right away—save x60 Original Resin per day to get double drops thrice.

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