Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes (May 2023)


I love the freedom Minecraft gives me, from creating new worlds to simply changing small details like symbols. Minecraft allows you to format the text displayed in particular objects and world properties with different colors or formatting. These editing properties allow for better emphasis on important information, easier reading, or adding flavor to the game. Below, we have provided the entire list of Minecraft color codes and format codes and explained how to set them.

All Minecraft Color Codes & Format Codes List

To change Minecraft color codes and format codes, you must first learn how to format text in Minecraft. To format text, use the Section Symbol (§) before the number or letter associated with the colors and formats. This symbol can be typed without copying and pasting. Use the method below to type this symbol (applies to most standard keyboards).

How to insert the Format Symbol (§) in Minecraft

The keyboard buttons to make the § symbol.
  1. Hold Alt (highlighted red)
  2. Press Numpad 2 (highlighted blue)
  3. Press Numpad 1 (highlighted purple)

When you follow the method above, you will type the symbol §. Immediately after this, the code should be the number or letter you wish to use from the list below. The text following the code will have the format or color.

Example: §mHello, world!

Result: Hello, world!

Minecraft Color Codes

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Aqua
  • Dark Red
  • Dark Purple
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Aqua
  • Red
  • Light Purple
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Minecoin Gold

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Minecraft Format Codes

  • Strikethrough
    • Bedrock Compatible: No
    • Code: §m
    • Example: Hello!
  • Underline 
    • Bedrock Compatible: No
    • Code: §n
    • Example: Hello!
  • Bold
    • Bedrock Compatible: Yes
    • Code: §l
    • Example: Hello!
  • Obfuscated
    • Bedrock Compatible: Yes
    • Code: §k
    • Example: H̴͓͓̺̫̹͉͔͇̰͓͝e̵̡̨͚̭͎̺̎̇̆̂͑l̷̛̈́͗̓̑͛̆̿͜ļ̵̧̗̝̹̥̦̹̓o̵͇̪̳̹̼̩̿̓͐̔̄̋ͅͅ
  • Italic
    • Bedrock Compatible: Yes
    • Code: §o
    • Example: Hello!
  • Reset
    • Bedrock Compatible: Yes
    • Code: §r
    • Example: Hello!

That’s all the Minecraft color codes and format codes for now! We will update this guide if more are added or changed. If you like changing colors in Minecraft, learn more about all Axolotl color variations.

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