Goonya Monster spin-off games announced for PC: Toad’s Soul Hopper, Pirarucu’s Money Rush, Snail’s Knock Out and Octo’s Balloon Challenge

MUTAN has announced four Goonya Monster spin-off games: jumping action game Toad’s Soul Jumperrunner game Pirarucu’s money fevershooting game Snail knockoutand balance physics puzzle game Octo Balloon Challenge. All four titles are scheduled to be released in early access for PC via Steam. Release dates were not announced.

Get the details below.

Toad’s Soul Jumper (Steam)


Toad’s Soul Jumper is a jumping action game in which the trusty scientist Toad of Goonya Monster leaves his mark.

His fellow Busters have been enlarged by mad scientist Anemone’s prank. To save them, Toad springs into action with his custom-made jumping machine, the “Soul Hopper”!

…Jump to save friends?

Key Features

  • Easy controls? – The toad in its hopper bounces constantly. Press the button while landing to charge up energy, then release to take a big jump, adjusting the angle as you charge.
  • Bouncing, bouncing, falling… – If Toad’s body or the side of the hopper hits a wall or the floor, he will bounce back. A moment of carelessness can result in a fall and a familiar sight below.
  • A treacherous path – Platforms can collapse or catch fire, making it difficult to climb.
  • Can you see the summit? – Compete for the fastest time to the top with local leaderboards, which store the top 10 scores. Aim higher than your past self!

Pirarucu’s money fever (Steam)


Pirarucu’s money fever is a racing game starring Pirarucu, a lady who loves shopping. Goonya Monster.

Pirarucu runs, jumps off cliffs, stomps on enemies, all in a hail of fireballs, just for the sake of shopping! He collects the coins scattered along the road and enjoys shopping at the checkpoints!

Key Features

  • Big coins, small coins – There are large and small coins distributed throughout the stages. Try to get the big coins as they offer bonus points!
  • Plan your purchases! – Bold purchases could lead to running out of funds quickly. Plan your purchases strategically to ensure you can buy the items you need!
  • Beware of dangers on the road… – Small undead creatures and fireballs flow across the stages. Colliding with them will cause damage. Defeat the undead by stepping on them and gracefully dodge the fireballs by jumping!
  • Keep running to the next shopping trip – Shopping is a race against time. Pirarucu’s running speed is constantly increasing, so he aims for checkpoints while you fight off the thrill of the chase!

Snail knockout (Steam)


Snail knockout is a casual shooting game starring Snail, who loves battles, Goonya Monster.

After the chaos of Goonya MonsterSnail’s love of battle explodes into boredom!? Destroy the undead that appear at will, shooting and dodging in gradually accelerating stages!

Key Features

  • Avoid what falls and hit the undead to destroy them! – Hitting rocks or undead reduces HP, so avoid the rocks and aim to attack the undead!
  • Speed ​​up as you go! – As time passes, the speed of the stage increases along with Snail’s tension, so control Snail quickly!
  • Collect weapons and fight with your favorite weapon! – Laser! Gatling! Arrow! Use unique weapon features to destroy enemies! Defeating the undead that appear on stage will drop souls. Collect souls to level up and strengthen your weapons!
  • Sweep with bombs! Clear the way! – When the bomb gauge is full, press the skill button to continuously fire bombs and destroy all visible undead.
  • Local rankings – Your score will be recorded in the top 10. Keep challenging yourself to beat your previous records!

Octo Balloon Challenge (Steam)


Octo Balloon Challenge is a balance physics puzzle game starring Octo, the protagonist of Goonya Monster.

One day, souls started falling from the sky for some reason? Octo and Goonyan took off into the sky with balloons to solve the mystery of the fall of Souls!

Octo Balloon Challenge is a new sensation balance physics puzzle game. Control the tilt of the balloon capture device and fly higher and higher!

The souls come in groups of 10. The souls combine to form a small box. Plus, matching three sets of 10 boxes makes them disappear, giving you an extra score!

Master the balloons. Decide the size and location to release the balloons and balance the catching device! If you run and build up too much wind on one side, it will tilt and cause the souls to fall.

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