Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising DLC ​​Characters 2B, Vane, and Beatrix Announced; Lucilius launches on January 16, 2024

Publisher Cygames and developer Arc System Works have announced Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising DLC Character Pass 1 Characters 2B NieR: Automata, Vane and Beatrix, as well as confirming that the previously announced Lucilius will launch alongside the game’s version 1.10 update on January 16, 2024. 2B will follow in late February 2024, then Vane in April and Beatrix in May . Two unannounced characters will follow in August and October, respectively.

Get the details below.

■ New lobby avatars

Yukichi (voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki)

Voice actor and honorary air traveler known for his legendary anti-aircraft reactions. He is no stranger to routine and has arrived to take on new challenges in Grand Bruise Legends!

He also voices Icarus in the original. fantasy big blue mobile/browser game.

Coming to the in-game Rupie Store on December 25!

More linked premium avatars coming soon!

■ Character Pass 1: Character Reveal

Lucilius (voiced by Sean Chiplock in English, Takahiro Sakurai in Japanese)

A powerful attacker that boasts superior offensive capabilities in exchange for longer cooldowns. He uses skills to increase his sword level, reducing the cooldown between them and allowing him to take control of the endgame to overpower his enemies.

Playable on January 16, 2024!

2B (of NieR: Automata) (voiced by Kira Buckland in English, Yui Ishikawa in Japanese)

Playable at the end of February 2024!

—Additional set of downloadable content for Granblue Fantasy!

This suit is for the original. fantasy big blue mobile/browser game.

—Premium avatars included with each character!

Vane and Beatriz

Vane (voiced by Zeno Robinson in English, Takuya Eguchi in Japanese) and Beatrix (voiced by Jennifer Losi in English, Aya Hirano in Japanese)

■ Update schedule

  • January 16 – New Character #1: Lucilius
  • end of February – New Character #2: 2B
  • From January to February
    • New stage
    • New game features
    • Online lobby update
  • April – New Character #3: Vane
  • Can – New Character #4: Beatrix
  • August – New Character #5: ???
  • October – New Character #6: ???
  • From April to October
    • New big bruise! Game mode
    • New online lobby minigame
    • New bonus story
    • New game mode

Version 1.10 available January 16, 2024

  • New DLC playable character: Lucilius
  • New stage: Feendrache
  • Battle Pass Round 1
  • Quality of life update for lobby match spectators
  • Battle bug fixes (no balance adjustments)
  • Other minor adjustments and additions

■ Additional sets

The black butterfly

Can be obtained as a Premium Battle Pass reward!

■ New lobby avatar

Bloody blood stabbing man (voice of Howard Wang in English, Jun Fukuyama in Japanese)

Additional in-game items coming soon!

  • weapon skin
  • character color
  • Character illustration
  • Background music
  • Stickers, badges and more

■ Tournament information

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC through Steam.

Watch a new set of trailers below.

DLC Character Trailer 2B



Lucilius game trailer, downloadable character



Yukichi Lobby Avatar Trailer



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