Insomnia Addresses Ransomware Hack, Marvel’s Wolverine Development Continues As Planned

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Earlier this week, ransomware group Rhysida released more than a terabyte of data illegally obtained by hacking Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 developer, Insomniac Games. The hacked data included more than 1.3 million files, totaling 1.67 terabytes of data, including Marvel’s Wolverine, future Insomniac game titles, release schedules, private employee information such as tax and employment forms, internal studio messages and more.

Insomniac has now publicly addressed the hack in a new statement, saying that development on Marvel’s Wolverine will continue as planned.

Here’s what the studio had to say in full:

“Thank you for the outpouring of sympathy and unwavering support. It is deeply appreciated. We are saddened and angered by the recent criminal cyberattack on our studio and the emotional toll it took on our dev team. Over the past several years we have focused internally. Days to support each other. The stolen data is our employees, ex We know that includes personal information belonging to employees and independent contractors.

“It also includes early development details about Marvel’s Wolverine for PlayStation 5. We will continue to work quickly to determine what data was affected. We are extremely saddened by this experience. We want everyone to enjoy the games we develop and our players deserve. However, like Logan.. . Insomnia is resilient. Marvel’s Wolverine continues as planned. The game is in early production and, like all our projects, will no doubt evolve greatly throughout development.

“While we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, we will share official information about Marvel’s Wolverine when the time is right. On behalf of everyone at Insomniac, thank you for your continued support during this challenging time.”

Last week, Raisida revealed that it had hacked Insomniac Games, posted images to prove the validity of its claims, and would release 50 bitcoin — roughly $2 million — from Somi within seven days, or whatever it found. Sony did not comply with the demand and the ransomware group released 1.67 terabytes of hacked data related to Insomniac.

Insomniac released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which we loved – you can read about why Game Informers Review here. The studio revealed Marvel’s Wolverine in 2021, revealing that the game will take place in the same universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man this year.

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