High game life of up to 7.5 million unique players


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Image: Squanch Games

A recent tweet from High On Life official Twitter account He revealed that the game has successfully reached 7.5 million unique players. In a slight twist, the ad also mocked gaming sites such as Eurogamer, which gave the game a one-star rating, and Kotaku, with its text stating, “Kotaku quotation is unavailable because we didn’t want to pay for it.”

However, the game has had challenges in the past, especially after Justin Roiland, founder of Squanch Games, which developed High On Life, became He was arrested and charged with the opposite offense of domestic and false imprisonment in Orange County, California. The charges stemmed from an incident in January 2020 involving an unnamed woman Roiland was reportedly dating at the time. In March 2023, charges against Roiland were dismissed for lack of evidence. After the dismissal, Roiland released A.J Statement on social media Expressing his determination to move forward and focus on his creative projects and restore his reputation.

High On Life follows a protagonist fresh out of high school, without a job or ambition. The protagonist’s life takes an unexpected turn when an alien cartel invades Earth, trying to drive humanity away. Players must team up with a group of talking guns, to become the deadliest intergalactic bounty hunter the universe has ever seen. The game offers a variety of biomes and locations to explore, along with several challenges and encounters with unique characters. Players must make use of the special skills of each talking weapon to take on different criminals and track down the notorious Garmantuous and his gang of goofy aliens.


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