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Did you know you can change the outcome of some quests in Honkai: Star Rail? The decision you make and what you say can matter more than those in Genshin Impact, and lead to some interesting discoveries later on down the line. The Herta Space Station Side Mission, Guide Paradox, is a great example of this. Here’s all the choices you can make and the ending they produce in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail – Guide Paradox Endings and Choices

The quest is fairly straight forward. Start by finding some video tapes marked by the blue diamonds. They are around the area you solve the Sensitive Beings puzzles. Then, talk to the next person or terminal indicated by a blue diamond to continue progressing the quest.

At the end of the quest is a bizarre twist. Sheila isn’t actually human! She’s an android programmed to respond as if she were a researcher’s deceased lover. The video tapes you found were experiences that the real Sheila had, which were used to train the robot. Each time the android starts to discover the truth, it sends her haywire, and she must be reset. When you confront the researcher responsible, you’ll have three choices:

  • Tell Sheila the truth.
  • “fix” Sheila’s cognition.
  • destroy Sheila.

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What happens in each Guide Paradox ending of Honkai Star Rail?

If you tell Sheila the truth, she’ll gain autonomy, but she will also have an existential crisis knowing that her “life” is built on a lie. It fries part of her artificial cognition, and Joanne will make a comment that this is a terrible outcome for Sheila.

If you ask for Sheila to be “fixed”, she’ll continue in the cycle. When she wakes up she’ll introduce herself to you again as if she never met you. This is the ending I chose, as it seemed to be the least destructive outcome for Sheila. You’ll be able to find her again in the Master Control Zone, doing her job as a guide, as if nothing ever happened.

If you ask for Sheila to be destroyed, that’s exactly what will happen. Sheila will no longer exist past this quest.

Does the choice in Guide Paradox effect other quests?

It does not appear to, no. The effect this choice seems to have is whether you can find Sheila after the quest, and what state she will be in. It should not lock you out of any content at this point in time.

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