Forspoken reveals the new Tanta We Trust gameplay demo DLC


Facebookthe fantasy RPG from Luminous Productions developer and publisher Square Enix, finally the upcoming paid DLC “In Tanta We Trust”. Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that the update will be released on May 26, 2023, and early access will start on May 23, 2023.

In Tanta we trust It will be a prequel to the base game, featuring a new set of magical abilities, and the chance to fight alongside Tanta Cinta. You can watch the full trailer for the new DLC on the official PlayStation YouTube channel:

Facebook It’s been somewhat divisive since it was first released, largely due to the game’s tone and hilarious characters. It can also feel a little general, even redundant at times.

However, a lot of casual gamers are starting to get to grips with some of its hard-to-reach qualities and enjoy the core mechanics. The parkour is exhilarating, the enemy designs are decent, and the DLC has a chance to expand on those highlights.

Today’s trailer shows how fighting alongside Tanta opens up a lot of new ways to play Facebook He may have benefited from it from the start. The combat has often been considered to be really challenging, but it’s not as multi-layered. Tanta attacks can be used in combos, which will feel more flexible.

It’s also great to see how Tanta can be used to traverse the map in today’s teaser, suggesting more verticality and distance. Using the two heroes to access different areas should lead to more freedom, and the movement was indeed the funnest thing Facebook.

The new DLC probably won’t change any mind, but fans who enjoyed the simple excitement of the base game should certainly be pleased with the chance to get a new companion and lore.

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