Honkai Star Rail Best Clara Build – Light Cones, Relics, and More!

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In a game like Honkai Star Rail where there are plenty of supportive characters, Clara stands out as one of the best flat out damage dealers. She can also attract damage her way so that her beloved Mr. Svarog can counterattack. Given that combined with her huge Attack stat, there is no reason not to build Clara immediately after pulling her.

Best Light Cones for Clara in Honkai Star Rail

Arguably the best Light Cone Clara can get in Honkai Star Rail is On the Fall of Aeon. This will give Clara a small Damage boost after attacking (it boosts more if Clara inflicts Weakness). The Damage boost also stacks up to four times, though.

Best free-to-play Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail

Free-to-play players should easily be able to come across Shattered Home, which makes the weilder deal an extra 20 Damage to enemies that are over half health. Players might find that this Light Cone makes life a lot easier, since the first Attack Clara uses is often the most important. If she can get one big first attack in, she can likely clean up the rest of the enemies just through counterattacks with Mr. Svarog.

Best Relic sets for Clara in Honkai Star Rail

The Champion of Street Boxing Relic set was almost tailor made for Clara. This Relic set gives the wielder extra Attack every time they get hit. Clara wants to get hit, whether that is through Taunt from her Ultimate or through shields from March 7th. Champion of Street Boxing is a great way to capitalize on all the damage that Clara is taking for the team.

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Which of Clara’s stats should you boost?

In terms of stats, players are going to want to either boost Attack or bulk. Clara takes lots of hits, so increasing things like HP will keep her alive longer.

  • Feet: HP
  • Body: Attack
  • Sphere: Physical Damage
  • Rope: Crit Rate

Clara’s Path and Element in Honkai Star Rail

Clara falls under the Destruction path in Honkai Star Rail, which basically means her job is to deal maximum damage. Her element is Physical, which is nice since there are a shortage of early game Physical characters, especially considering the Main Trailblazer trades the Physical element for Fire eventually.

Who pairs well with Clara in Honkai Star Rail?

By far the best partner Clara could ask for is March 7th. When Clara gets shielded, it attracts even more enemies to target her. If Clara gets attacked with a shield, both she and March 7th follow up attack. This is a quick way to rack up chip damage on enemies while keeping the other teammates safe.

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