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Trust us when we say, you’ll be taking a lot of hits in Honkai: Star Rail. It is a Gacha RPG available on Mobile devices and PC that features strategic turn-based combat. No dodge mechanics can save you in many of scenarios you’ll be faced with. Instead you’ll come to rely heavily on the healers and shielders in your party. Want to know who some of the best healers are in the game? We can get you up to speed.

Who are the best healers in Honkai Star Rail?

As of the release version of the game, there are only two characters of the path of The Abundance, characters that specialize in healing. They are Natasha, a four-star unit who you will receive for free by completing a portion of the main story, and Bailu, a five-star character who you can pull from the Standard Warp Banner. Bailu has a slight advantage over Natasha. Her kit includes the ability to revive a knocked out character once per battle.

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Who are the best shielders in Honkai Star Rail?

Other than healers, you can also use Preservation characters to shield or taunt away damage. These characters are also a bit few and far between. Your options for this are Gepard, another five-star Standard Warp Character, March 7th, another free character, or the Fire Trailblazer, once you have unlocked them during the story.

How to obtain Bailu or Gepard in Honkai Star Rail

As Bailu and Gepard can only be obtained from the Gacha, you’ll need to use Warp Tickets or Stellar Jade and hope you get lucky. We highly reccomend rolling on the Departure Warp Banner, as you are guarnteed to pull at least one five-star unit from this banner within 50 pulls, and those pulls also come at a discount.

If you don’t get the unit you want from the Departure Banner, you could always try to reroll. Honkai Star Rail also includes a fail safe in their Standard Warp Banner as well. After 300 pulls on this banner, you will be allowed to choose one five-star character for your roster, which you can use on either Bailu or Gepard.

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