Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng Farming Guide


Didn’t get Seele or Yanqing from the Gacha? Don’t worry, Honkai: Star Rail will give you a free character that follows the path of The Hunt, Dan Heng, who does respectable single target damage considering that you receive him as a free character. Want to know how much you’ll be farming to fully invest in him? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a complete farming guide for Dan Heng in Honkai: Star Rail.

Dan Heng’s Common Trace Materials in Honkai Star Rail

You’ll need Core common trace materials to ascend Dan Heng. They are commonly dropped by Voidranger enemies. Dan Heng will need these materials to raise his character level, skill levels, and fully unlock his Traces. To fully unlock all of them he will need 40 Extinguished Cores55 Glimmering Cores, and 51 Squirming Cores.

The best way to obtain these materials is to fight enemies found in Backwater Pass or Rivet Town on Jarilo-VI. The higher the level of enemies you are fighting, the more materials of higher rarity they will drop. You can also get these materials from fighting in the Simulated Universe. This game mode features randomly generated enemies, and can not be relied upon to always drop these materials.

You can also obtain these materials passively by completing the Nine Billion Names assignment. Use characters of the Erudition path on this assignment to gain extra materials.

Dan Heng’s Path Material in Honkai Star Rail

Dan Heng is a character that follows the path of The Hunt, so he needs arrow Path Materials farmed from the Bud of The Hunt Crimson Calyx. You will need to spend at least 10 Trailblaze Power to obtain these materials. The higher of level of challenge you complete, the more items you will receive for Trailblaze power spent.

Dan Heng uses these materials to raise his skill levels and unlock Traces. You’ll need 12 Arrows of the Beast54 Arrows of the Demon, and 99 Arrows of the Starchaser to fully ascend his skills. He does not need this material to ascend as a character, but keep in mind more of these materials will also be needed to ascend any Light Cone he would use. The number of materials you will need will vary with the rarity of the Light Cone.

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Dan Heng’s Character Ascension Material in Honkai Star Rail

To obtain Dan Heng’s Character Ascension material, you’ll need to farm the Shape of Gust Stagnant Shadow challenge. He’ll need 50 Storm Eyes to fully ascend. Again, keep in mind that challenging the Stagnant Shadow fight on the highest difficulty possible will award you more Character Ascension Materials for Trailblaze Power spent.

Dan Heng’s Advanced Trace Material in Honkai Star Rail

Dan Heng uses the Destroyer’s Final Road Advanced Trace Material. It can only be obtained from the Echo of War: Destruction’s Beginning. These challenges can only be taken on three times per week. He’ll will need 9 Destroyer’s Final Road to fully ascend his skills as well as 3 more to unlock his Bonus abilities, for a total of 12.

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How many Credits are needed to fully ascend Dan Heng in Honkai Star Rail?

Everytime you ascend a character’s level, upgrade their skills, or unlock new Traces, you’ll need to spend Credits. To fully ascend Dan Heng’s level and, skills and unlock all of his Traces, you’ll be spending 3,098,200 Credits. Don’t worry, you also obtain plenty of currency through gameplay as you farm all the materials you need.

If you do need more Credits, the best quickest way would be to farm them from the Bud of Treasures Golden Calyx, though this will cost Trailblaze Power. You can also obtain Credits from completing assignments and missions, opening Treasure Chests, or attacking destructible objects that refresh daily.

How to get Tracks of Destiny in Honkai Star Rail

Dan Heng will need 5 Tracks of Destiny to fully ascend his skills and unlock his last two Bonus Abilities. These materials are almost equivalent to Crowns of Insight from Genshin Impact, although they are thankfully easier to obtain. You can get them as a Limited Time Event Reward, but you can also farm them weekly by completing the Simulated Universe, or win them as a reward from the free version of the Nameless Honor Battle Pass. If you purchase the Nameless Glory Battle Pass, you will be able to obtain more Tracks of Destiny per version update.

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