Honkai Star Rail Requiem Mass Mission Guide

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As you begin your journey in Honkai: Star Rail, you may find that your time is best spent returning to prior areas you have unlocked to search for Treasure or complete Side Mission. Requiem Mass is a quest you can take on to investigate some strange happenings aboard the Herta Space Station. Here’s how to complete it.

Honkai Star Rail—Requiem Mass Side Quest Guide

To start this quest, you’ll need to have completed at least the first portion of Road to Revival, the first side mission you are given in Honkai: Star Rail. Once you’ve unlocked it, start by finding Arlan and talking to him in the spot designated by the blue diamond in the Supply Zone of Herta Space Station.

There have been some spooky photos circulating among the members of the crew of the Space Station. You’ll need to go and talk to some “researchers” standing in the corner of the Base Zone indicated by the purple diamond. The researchers you are looking for are actually children. They are pictured below.

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They are ornery, aren’t they? They are also harboring some ghost-like creatures, called Wubbawoos, that seem to be causing the rumors. Follow Adler, one of the children you were talking to a room on the bottom left corner of the map in the Supply Zone.

You’ll find your first Wubbawoo. Before you report this as case closed to the Security department, you’ll be investigating these adorable specters and their motives. The Wubbawoos want you to defeat some monsters around the Space Station.

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Where to find the Wubbawoo’s enemies

Go to the area indicated by the blue diamond in the Storage Zone and defeat the enemies stared at by a Wubbawoo. You’ll then be prompted to fight another monster a little to the right and down on your map. Your third and final fight will be in the central bridge area of the Supply Zone, against a Voidranger: Trampler facing a rather large Wubbawoo.

After you’ve defeated all these enemies, return to the Wubbawoo you met with Adler. All of the enemies were holding the belongings of a missing researcher. When you return them, you’ll be told where the rest of the Wubbawoos are hiding. It’s in a puzzle filled area of the Storage Zone.

How to solve the bridge puzzle and find the Wubbawoos in Honkai Star Rail

When you reach the Crimson Calyx, you’ll have arrived at the puzzle. You’ll first want to head down the ramp, then you’ll find a red and blue bridge switch at the end of the path. Interact with the switch to turn on the blue bridge, and turn the red bridges off.

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Cross over the blue bridge and make the U-turn along the path, at the bottom of the next ramp is a plain witch, pictured below. You must interact with it and turn the bridge on above it to proceed to the end of the quest.

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Keep following the path until you reach a roundabout. A red and blue switch is hidden behind some grey storage containers that you need to interact with next.

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After flipping that switch, you’ll be able to proceed across the red and white bridges, to a platform with another red and blue switch. Use that switch to turn the blue bridges back on, allowing you to proceed to the back of the room where the Wubbawoos are hiding. Don’t forget to collect the Precious Chest here, which has 30 Stellar Jade, 40 Hertareum, and a copy of Amber, a fairly decent Three-Star Light Cone.

How to photograph the Wubbawoos

You’ll find out that the Wubbawoos are all mourning the lost researcher, who they considered a friend. Your last task will be to take three pictures of the Wubbawoos to commemorate their mourning. Use the Camera button in the bottom right corner of the screen to snap the photos, you’ll just need to hover over the indicated targets for the Photo to take. One important note, you must take a picture of the large Wubbawoo from inside the back room, not standing outside on the pathway.

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