Horizon Forbidden West: Patch 1.24 is now live for Burning Shores on PS5

The latest Patch 1.24 has been released for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores on PlayStation 5, aiming to correct an extensive list of concerns across multiple aspects of the game.

Several major missions including “To the Burning Shores”, “Heaven and Earth”, “Stars in Their Eyes”, “For His Amusement”, and “His Final Work” have seen bugs corrected. These improvements range from fixing progress blockers, such as Seyka blocking a climbing path or Clamberjaws getting stuck out of the player’s reach, to addressing issues with invisible walls and interacting with things like a storage device or tentacles while fighting Horus.

Several side missions have also been improved, including “In His Wake”, “The Splinter Inside”, and “A Friend in the Dark”. Fixed issues such as the cell door not opening, skiff getting caught in the wreckage, and the box getting stuck while using the elevator. Several other improvements have also been made to prevent players from getting stuck in different sections of the side quests.

Improvements were made to global activities, addressing issues with “AirCapture: North” and “AirCapture: East”, as well as the “Theta” Cauldron and “Hollow Ruin”. Implemented fixes to several “air captures” to prevent Aloy’s callouts from cutting off recording dialogue, and to avoid hindering activity start-up or progression.

Patch 1.24 also fixes issues with “Pangea Figurines”, “Delvers’ Trinket” combinations, data points and device locations. Several bugs have been addressed, including missing description in some languages, incorrect code, and machines not being reproducible after reaching Ghost level 101.

Improvements have been made to the Specter Gauntlet, correcting issues with crafting and ammo usage. The Workbench Expert skill has been tuned to reduce the cost of manufacturing ammo for the Specter Gauntlet.

User interface and user experience (UI/UX) improvements include a fix for the Fabrication Terminal where the question mark would persist on the last entry, which could cause confusion among players.

The update also includes several crash/crash fixes, frame rate drop improvements, and art asset optimization. Fixed an issue in Photo mode where using it inside of Horus could cause camera clipping and graphical flickering.

Other miscellaneous patches include adding a Brimshine Sliver near the entrance to the “THETA” Cauldron, and patching several issues where players could get stuck in assets and/or geometry or fall out of the world.

You can read the full patch notes on file Horizon Forbidden West subreddit.

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