How to complete all Postcard Tour Trial Quests in Fortnite


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If you haven’t already started tackling the Trials and Syndicate Quests in Fortnite, now is the time! These quests can earn you some extra XP so you can progress more quickly through your Battle Pass, plus have a little extra fun while you play. The Trials quests, in particular, will send you on a little scavenger hunt around the Island with their Postcard Tour Trials. If you aren’t too sure how to unravel the riddles of these secret locations, keep reading for some extra guidance!

All Fortnite Postcard Tour Trials Locations

To begin the Postcard Tour Trials, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve caught up on all your previous Trials quests. You can only complete these consecutively, meaning you won’t be able to skip over any. The Postcard Trials consist of five different secret locations that you’ll need to track down and emote at. However, they only give you some vague hints on where to find these locations, so here’s a little help on where to go:

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  • 1. “In the city, there is a masked warrior made of lights…”
  • 2. “These boats bring cargo…”
  • 3. “Swim where the water heals…”
  • 4. “There’s a tree where the three seasons collide…”
  • 5. “In the ice cave, look for the tower…”

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“In the city, there is a masked warrior made of lights” Postcard Location in Fortnite

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MEGA City is split apart by a river and connected by a long bridge. On the bridge, you’ll find a hologram casting a red Oni warrior, thus fitting the riddle’s description. You can use the ziplines to get up to the bridge from the ground floor or jump from the grind rails since they will keep you from getting fall damage. Then be sure to emote near or in the hologram to finish this portion of the Trials.

“These boats bring cargo” Postcard Location in Fortnite

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There are plenty of boats spread around the Island, which may make it seem more difficult to locate a specific one. However, to complete this Trial, you’ll need to locate a boat specifically made for carrying cargo. There happens to be a cargo boat located just right off from the first location in MEGA City. Just head south toward the lake below the city, and you’ll spot the boat with zip lines extending out from it toward the Southeast side.

“Swim where the water heals” Postcard Location in Fortnite

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Luckily, there is only one location on the Island with healing water, which makes finding this location a bit easier than the rest. You’ll just need to head to Steamy Springs and emote in one of the hot springs. This water stands out from the rest with its lighter, foggier color.

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“There’s a tree where the three seasons collide” Postcard Location in Fortnite

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To find this riddle location, you’ll need to head to the spot on the map where “three seasons collide.” Each biome on the Island reflects a different season; you have fall, winter, summer, and spring. Not all four of them meet, but there is a spot where three of them do: just east of Anvil Square, and there you will find a very unique tree with a face carved into it. Emote at the bottom of the tree, and you will complete this Trial quest.

“In the ice cave, look for the tower” Postcard Location in Fortnite

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This is perhaps the trickiest of the Postcard locations to find, not so much because of the riddle but due to the secluded spot in general. You can find the Ice Cave on the northern portion of the map, northwest of Brutal Bastion. However, pinging on the map may confuse you just a bit because you’ll need to head underneath the snowy mountain to enter the cave. You can use the zip lines to get down there more easily. Inside, you will spot the clock tower where you can emote and finish off your Postcard Tour.

Once you head to all the above locations and emote at each spot, you’ll complete the Trials and earn some extra XP to boost your way through the Battle Pass. Keep up the good work!

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