Warframe – Does the Operator play a role in the Duviri Paradox?

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The Duviri Paradox is one of Warframe’s strangest updates. The lore behind everything going on often seems extremely random and difficult to follow on the surface. Although the Drifter is the primary focus of the Duviri Paradox, the role of the Operator plays into this vague twisted land is not very obvious, despite having some brief, deliberate, appearances. Curious about the Operator in the Duviri Paradox? So are we. No doubt there is a lot more context to learn, but we’ll share what we know of the Operator so far.

What role does the Operator play in the Duviri Paradox?

From the onset story of the Duviri Paradox, we are given a glimpse of the Operator as a direct reflection of the Drifter’s self. This is in line with what know about the connection between the Operator and the Drifter, that is, that the Drifter is an older version of the Operator, but from a different dimension. This means that while the Operator and the Drifter are one and the same, at the same time, they really aren’t.

What does this have to do with the Duviri Paradox you ask? Well, we learn pretty early on that the Paradox occurring on Duviri is partially due to the Tenno, the Operator, attempting to aid the Drifter in their plight on Duviri. What this means exactly is sort of ambiguous and unknown as of now, but once we learn more, we’ll gladly give you an update.

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Who is the Operator in Warframe?

The Operator is a Tenno, an implied teenage child that was aboard the Zariman starship that was lost to the Void. The Tenno are the ones that control Warframes through a process called Transference, which is the mental act of assuming direct control of a Warframe remotely. The Tenno, and thus the Operator, all work under the guidance of the Lotus, a Sentient that is partially responsible for the fall of the corrupt Orokin Empire. The Lotus acts as a sort of distant mother figure to the Tenno.

Who is the Drifter in Warframe?

In another dimension, in another time, the Operator was never rescued from the Zariman and thus never learned of the powers of the Tenno or how to control a Warframe through Transference. Enter the Drifter, the alternative version of the Operator that, instead, learned to survive through traditional means and grew up doing so.

Through the events of the New War storyline, however, a sort of connection was formed between the Operator and the Drifter, allowing them to be played interchangeably. How exactly this connection was formed is still very much vague, but as we learn more, possibly from the Duviri Paradox storyline, we’ll update you on this.

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