How to evict tenants in BitLife

One of the features of the Landlord Expansion Pack is the ability to evict your tenants at any moment. To do that, you must use the Evict option under the Activities tab of the tenant. After clicking the Evict button, return their deposit and terminate their contract. In case you feel the need to charge them for any damage to your properties, use the 

How to Evict more than five tenants you discover behaving badly in BitLife?

Speaking about evicting tenants, the latest BitLife challenge- Neighborhood Watch, demands players evict their tenants for bad or immoral behavior. To finish this objective, you must spy on your tenants regularly and catch them performing some weird/illegal activity. Use the Inspect option inside the Property Management section under the Activities tab of your individual property to monitor your tenant.

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During these sudden inspections, one or your other tenant will be caught red-handed indulging in unacceptable activities like running a secret mafia denstoring hazardous chemicals, or filming content for their OnlyFans account. In such instances, Evict them immediately using the Evict option under the Activities tab of the tenant. Once you have evicted five such tenants, the particular objective in the challenge will be marked as complete.

Remember, eviction will only be counted if the tenant is behaving badly or immorally according to the general norm of society. The game will not take any eviction into account just because a tenant is conducting a party or bringing home a lot of friends. So, be careful about your choices and think hard before removing someone.

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