How to Force out a Squatter in BitLife

The most difficult objective in the Neighborhood Watch challenge is to force out a Squatter. To do this, you need to house a Squatter in one of your properties and then Drive them out of your property using an agency.

How to buy a property in BitLife

Before housing a Squatter or any other tenant, you need to have a property in the first place. To rent properties in BitLife, purchase the Landlord Expansion Pack from the game store for $4.99.

Once you own the DLC Expansion Pack, head to the Shopping section under the Activities tab. Now, navigate the menu and click on any company of your liking under the Real Estate tab. Browse the listing of all the available houses and purchase one according to your budget. Voila! You are now a proud owner of a property in BitLife.

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How to find a Squatter in BitLife 

After buying a house, the next part is to find a Squatter. By default, the game does not provide a list of Squatters. Instead, you need to rent your house to a tenant with a low credit score(orange or red ratings), and with time they will transform themselves into a Squatter by defaulting payments due to their old habits. Use the below image for a pictorial representation of a potential tenant with a low credit score.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Once you have housed such a tenant, wait for 4 to 5 years to start defaulting on their payment, and with some more time, they will stop paying the rent entirely, making themselves Squatter. If you click on their name, you can find the Squatter tag adjacent to their name title, confirming their status as Squatter.

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How to Force out a Squatter in BitLife

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Finally, it’s time to kick them out of your house. Use the Drive Out option to force them out of the house. After clicking the button, you must select an agency to fight a case against the Squatter. So, pick an agency that demands the highest fee and start the legal proceedings. Since it is your house and they have so many default payments, you will win the battle, eventually forcing them out of your property.

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