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You and I both know that Roblox players love free stuff, whether than means avatar accessories, codes, or in-game items—if it’s free, they’ll take it! This is especially true for those who play Pet Simulator X, where having the best and rarest pets is the ultimate goal, but acquiring these pets can be quite the expensive hassle. Needless to say, when Pet Simulator X offers its players a free pet, everyone wants in on it, which is why we’ve created the brief guide below that details how to obtain the free Hype Gift and what pets can be pulled from it.

How to get a free Hype Gift in Pet Simulator X

As many players are aware, Pet Simulator X receives an update every other Saturday that brings new eggs, pets, events, etc. to the experience. What some players might not be aware of, however, is the opportunity to earn free pets that’s added right before an update is released. Exactly one minute before Pet Simulator X releases an update, a free Hype Gift bag is given out to each player in the server.

All the pets that can be pulled from the current Hype Gift can be found below.

  • Party Penguin (80% pull chance)
  • Party Squirrel (15% pull chance)
  • Party Shark (5% pull chance)
  • Huge Party Penguin (0.1% pull chance)

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Before the update on May 13, 2023, the following pets could be pulled from the Hype Gift:

  • Party Axolotl (80% pull chance)
  • Party Tiger (15% pull chance)
  • Party Panda (5% pull chance)
  • Huge Party Axolotl (0.1% pull chance)

Before the update on February 4, 2023, the following pets could be pulled from the Hype Gift:

  • Party Dog (80% pull chance)
  • Party Pig (15% pull chance)
  • Party Dragon (5% pull chance)
  • Huge Party Dog (0.1% pull chance)


That’s it for our guide on how to unlock a Hype Gift in Pet Simulator X. If you’re interested in collecting any of these party-licious pets, be sure to log on to Pet Simulator X right before the update, otherwise you’ll have to wait a full two weeks for the next one!

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