How to get Enigma Gyrum in Warframe

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that spending hours in Warframe to get a piece of decoration to furnish your Orbiter with is well worth the grind. They’re like glorious trophies for your hard work that you can stare at, or show off to your buddies. Now, with the release of the Duviri Paradox, you can add an Orokin styled owl figurine to your Orbiter, or your Dormizone. However, it comes at the cost of Enigma Gyrums, a rare resource you can only find in the mysterious world of Duviri. Read on to find out how you can farm Enigma Gyrums in Warframe.

How to farm Enigma Gyrum in Warframe

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Enigma Gyrums are a resource you can only find while exploring the world in the Duviri Paradox. However, unlike other rare resources like the Pathos Clamp which drops after you defeat the Orowyrm boss, Enigma Gyrums can only be collected by solving Enigma puzzles that are littered across the open world. Enigma puzzles can be identified by the small pillars that include three cyan colored symbols with an owl statue on top of them. These puzzles will also have a number of golden drum-like objects in their vicinity which you must utilize to solve the puzzle.

Solving an Enigma puzzle will grant you one Enigma Gyrum, along with other resources like Eevani, Dracroot, Kovik, or Saggen Pearls.

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How to solve Enigma puzzles in Warframe

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The basic principle of solving an Enigma puzzle is pretty straightforward. After finding one, take note of the three separate symbols that are glowing on the body of the statue. The idea here is to make the three symbols appear on three of the circular objects near them. To do so, you must collect blue orbs from the nearby drum-shaped objects containing them, pick them up, and then throw them inside the circles that are empty on the inside.

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When you throw them inside, the circular objects will start to glow and display a random symbol. Shoot them in the center to change the logo. Once you manage to correctly match a symbol with one of the three in the pillar, you will hear a distinct sound, and the matching symbol on the pillar will be highlighted with a faint glowing circle, as shown in the image above.

Also, keep in mind that depending on the location of the puzzle, you may need to either shoot down the orb-containing objects from a tree, or collect them by pushing them out of another nearby drum that is already glowing. At times, the drums may be covered by a lid which you must open by shooting on the handle that is jutting out of them.

What is an Enigma Gyrum in Warframe?

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Enigma Gyrums are a type of resource that you get by solving Enigma puzzles in the Duviri Paradox in Warframe. Players can purchase the Watchful Paragrimm decoration from Acrithis in exchange for 50 Enigma Gyrums after they complete the Orowyrm boss fight in Duviri Paradox, or from their Dormizone.

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