Roblox BedWars Lyla Kit update history and patch notes


The Roblox BedWars Lyla Kit update has brought exciting changes for players, introducing new features and several balance tweaks. The update includes the Rose Bow, a unique weapon that replaces Lyla’s standard bow. Upon shooting the enemy twice, a flower blooms on his head, which attracts a swarm of bees to attack him.

This update also replaced the Team Break Speed ​​upgrade with the Team Destruction upgrade. The new upgrade increases block breaking speed and blasting power for a more dynamic gaming experience. In addition, the early game tax on common iron in 5v5 matches has been increased, and the iron shield is now weaker, decreasing the strength of Jugg’s character.

Changes have also been made to the mining mechanics. The mining team upgrade has been removed, and the range of ore drops now expands over the duration of the game. Moreover, games now start with iron ores. The update also includes free collections of the week, which include Trinity, Melody, Farmer Cletus and Star Collector Stella (level 20).

Balance changes have been made to several groups, such as Adetunde, Flora, Merchant Marco, Whim, and Vanessa. These mods include modifications to attack speeds, armor penetration, item discounts, and more. Furthermore, the bonus payouts have been reduced, and the vertical hit of the Blossom Knockback Charm has decreased from 1.5 to 1.3.

The update also introduces a weekly contribution column to the clan members list and addresses an issue where light blocks do not light up when loading the map. Additionally, custom match commands have been added, including /remesh, //copy, //paste, //rotate, and //move, providing players with more control over their custom match maps.

Verify List of BedWars commands Post to learn all the commands available in the game! You can find all the official patch notes here disagreement less.


Your bow is replaced with a bow rose! Shooting an enemy twice will cause a flower to bloom on their head, which attracts a swarm of bees!

Upgrade the wrecking team

Team Break Speed ​​Upgrade has been replaced by Destruction. This now measures the velocity of mass breaking and the force of the explosion.

Jugg Nervs

  • The new early game tax on common iron in 5v5 is heavier and iron armor is weaker.

Mining changes

  • Deleted mining team upgrade
  • Ore drops will now expand over the duration of the game
  • The game starts with 2 iron ores

Free collections of the week

  • Trinity
  • musical composition
  • Cletus Farms
  • Star Collector Stella (level 20)

Balance changes


  • Adetunde
    • Attack speed level 1: 0.35 – 0.3
    • Attack Speed ​​Level 2: 0.3 → 0.27
  • Botanical
    • Hunting for a bee shield pen: 20% → 25%
  • Merchant Marco
    • Discounted items: 7 – 8
    • Silver tier discounts: 15% – 20% back
  • fancy
    • Tommy is only born around the middle
    • Tome spawn period: 5m → 3m
    • Upgraded Spell Speed: 80 → 100
  • Vanessa
    • Multi-shot crossbow charging time: 1.3 → 1.6
    • Multi-shot bow charging time: .8 → 1


Map mechanics

  • Flower Return Magic
    • Vertical knockout: 1.5 → 1.3

Other changes

  • Added weekly contribution column to clan members list
  • Fixed light blocks not emitting light when loading the map
  • Custom matching orders
  • /remesh (improves your custom match map by linking similar blocks together)
  • // copy, // paste, // rotate, // move

Make sure to go to Roblox BedWars page to experience this new update! You can find more information about a variety of different experiences in the Roblox section of our website.


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