How to get The Bombardiers in Destiny 2

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The Bombardiers is a pair of Exotic Legs for Hunter in Destiny 2. It is a popular choice for Guardians because of its Exotic Perk which works well with all subclasses. Here’s how to get The Bombardiers in Destiny 2.

Where to get The Bombardiers in Destiny 2

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There are three ways to obtain The Bombardiers Exotic Legs in Destiny 2. The first is by unlocking it from an Exotic Engram. Though this is the most common way of earning the armor, it is by no means easy as it is a random chance, and you may open up 100 Exotic Engrams and never see it.

You can also get the boots through a random world drop, though again, this is extremely rare, so don’t expect to receive The Bombardiers the second you see a drop appear. It’s very YMMV; some players may get it in one, and some may be 50 drops deep with no luck.

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The final method of grabbing The Bombardiers is through Xur, Agent of the Nine. The mysterious peddler appears once a week with a new selection of wares which can be purchased with Legendary Shards in Destiny 2. And if you’re lucky, he may offer the Exotic Hunter Legs for one week.

The last time Xur sold The Bombardiers was on April 21-252023, for 23 Legendary Shards.

Is The Bombardiers worth getting in Destiny 2?

If you use your Hunter dodge a lot, then The Bombardiers is definitely worth trying to get your hands on. When equipped, it leaves an explosive Parting Gift that detonates after 1.5 seconds, making it the perfect surprise for your foes when making a quick getaway, especially when cornered in PvP.

The Parting Gift Exotic Perk also applies the following debuffs on targets when they get caught in its detonation, depending on your subclass:

ArcBlinds targets.
SolarScorches targets.
VoidSuppresses targets.
StasisSlows targets.
StrandSevers targets.

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