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Everspace 2 is an action RPG set within the never-ending vacuum of space where players fly spaceships, and shoot down enemies. While this sounds simple, the game introduces a host of various mechanics like perks, tradable commodities, ships, and crafting elements, all of which can be daunting at first. If you’re feeling a bit lost in space, fret not—Here’s a comprehensive guide with tips and tricks for beginners in Everspace 2.

Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Everspace 2

Dismantle weapons and modules

As you start collecting better weapons and modules for your ship, you might be tempted to sell your older gear at shops for a quick profit. However, we advise that you hold on to spare weapons and modules until you get your first Cargo Unit. Cargo Units not only increase the cargo slots in your ship, but also unlock the ability to dismantle weapons and modules. By dismantling these items, you will obtain parts required to craft weapons, modules, and consumables on the fly, instead of having to purchase them from a shop.

Remove level restriction for better equipment

In your playthrough, you might obtain higher grade equipments that will be locked behind a level restriction. However, with the required amount of crafting resources, you can remove the level restriction of an item to use it before levelling up. To do so, go to the Crafting menu, open the Modify tab, and select the restricted item you wish to modify. Keep in mind, you can only modify the level restriction of an item if the required level is two levels above your current player level.

Acquire better ships

It should come as no surprise that purchasing new ships will enhance your combat abilities significantly. Different ship classes also come with varying passives and ultimate abilities, each of which can be beneficial for a wide range of play styles. You will be able to purchase your first ship from the Ship Dealer in Nephtys Plains Station for roughly 15,000 to 30,000 Credits.

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Equip the right devices

Devices come in two forms—Warfare Devices, and Support Devices. Warfare Devices are good for combat and dealing with enemies, while Support Devices are good for survivability. Try out various Devices to find the ones that suits your playstyle the most. All Devices have a short cooldown period, and can be upgraded with Upgrade Tokens you will receive each time you level up.

Unlock perks

Perks are some of the most important investments you can make in Everspace 2. There are two kinds—Players Perks, and Companion Perks. A set of three player perks are unlocked every five levels, and only one can be activated from a set. Companion Perks, on the other hand, are unlocked by investing resources to meet upgrade requirements. Be mindful while investing resources to upgrade perks, as the resources cannot be retrieved once invested.

Only sell high-demand commodities

Everspace 2 has a trading system that is both rewarding, and fairly easy to understand. Each commodity you pick up on your travels, like Clothing, Liquor, Ramen, or Mining Equipments can sell for varying prices depending on the demand for that particular commodity in the current system. For simplicity and profit, only sell commodities that are in high demand in a system since Shops will pay a higher price for it.

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Keep nanobots equipped

Out of all consumables, Nanobots might arguably be some of the most useful ones to have in your inventory. Nanobots restore hull hitpoints when deployed, and can be the difference between death and survival in a tight combat situation. Furthermore, some Distress Calls will require you to provide strangers with Nanobots to help them fix their ship.

Be wary of mines

Mines are some of the most annoying things floating in the void of space in Everspace 2. Mostly found near derelicts and abandoned locations, mines are deadly explosives that detonate if you get too close to them accidentally. They deal massive damage, and are only visible by their red lights. To defuse a mine, you must get withing 100 meters of them, and then press the interact button to defuse them. Once defused, they will emit a green light and can be thrown away to a safe distance.

Exploration is key

Lastly, exploration is the main way to gain XP and loot. On the map, and while exploring, you will notice Undiscovered Sites, Unknown Signals, and Distress Calls. These locations will always have enemy encounters, or simple puzzles you must solve to gain valuable loot and XP. Once you collect everything from an Undiscovered Site, it will be marked by a tick mark on the map.

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