How to get the Ceremonial Warhammer in Baldur’s Gate 3

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If you are on a quest to find the four Ceremonial Weapons and solve the Rosymorn Monastery Puzzle, you will need to steal the Ceremonial Warhammer from the Eagle’s nest. Doing so will make the eagles attack you, no matter if you were on good terms with them before. What to do?

How to avoid the eagles in BG3

Although it seems impossible to avoid the fight with the eagles, since no Invisibility or Darkness spell stops them from noticing your looting, that isn’t the case. Below I’ve listed two reliable methods of avoiding it that should be accessible to any party—follow them and you’ll have the Ceremonial Warhammer in no time, just as I did.

Distracting the eagles

One way of stealing the weapon without killing the eagles is to distract them. It is better to bring only one character and use a minor illusion to diverge their attention, after which you can use a spell like Misty Step, Fly, or Invisibility to run away from the fight.

Using Mage Hand

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If running away is not your style, you can leave the party far away and bring a Mage Hand to the eagle’s nest. The Mage Hand can throw the Ceremonial Warhammer away from the eagles, where they won’t be able to see it anymore. The birds will attack the mage hand, but the fight will end there. Later you can bring one of your stealthy characters and pick up the Warhammer without the eagles noticing.

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Between the two methods, I prefer the second; it not only saves spell slots but allows you to walk by the eagles without them becoming aggressive after you have stolen from them. In the eyes of the birds, you didn’t steal anything: it was that weird ghostly hand.

Once you have the Ceremonial Warhammer you will need the other three Ceremonial Weapons (Ceremonial Longsword, Ceremonial Mace and Ceremonial Battleaxe) to solve the Rosymorn Monastery Puzzle.

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