How to go on a Spacewalk in BitLife

Becoming an astronaut is every child’s dream, and doing a spacewalk is every astronaut’s, but in BitLife, dreams can become a reality! I couldn’t wait to embark upon my first mission to explore outer space, and Astronaut Job Pack provided me with just the right thing! In this guide, we will explain how to go on a Spacewalk and what you need to do before, so let’s dive right in!

Going on a Spacewalk in BitLife

The main prerequisite to going on a Spacewalk in BitLife is that you need to become an astronaut by signing up for the space camp from an early age and then getting a pilot license later on in life. Once you are a member of the space agency, you will need to build your Reputation and your stats enough for them to trust you with a Spacewalk mission. Conduct the following activities to work on your self-improvement:

  • Conduct experiments
  • Publish works
  • Work out on your Endurance
  • Perform simulations

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You will have to be at least a Cadet rank and have a high Reputation for Martian Exploration to become available. Follow the steps below to enroll:

  • Go to Jobs.
  • Select Missions.
  • Under Orbital Missions, select Spacewalk.
  • Select Apply in the Mission Notice popup window.

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