How to use the Demonologist Salt Gun

The Hospital level of Demonologist uses a Salt Gun to exorcise the ghost, requiring players to pick up all the parts for it to be used. All objectives will have to be finished before the gun can actually be used effectively, but it can be picked up whenever all the pieces are gathered. The range of the gun isn’t too bad, but it still requires being fairly close to actually exorcise the ghost. Knowing how close to be to the ghost is important, and we’re going to do that for you. This is how to use the Salt Gun in Demonologist.

Where to find Salt Gun Parts in Demonologist

The parts of the Salt Gun won’t spawn until every player has decided on what ghost type they’re dealing with. Every part can spawn throughout the Hospital in three random locations. Salt Gun parts will be glowing the same way that Cursed Possessions like Tarot Cards, and other collectible items like Blood Bags do. The easiest way to spot these pieces will be to turn off the flashlight to see the bright objects in their spawn locations. It can spawn in every room of the Hospital, including the entrance and by the front desk.

How to use the Salt Gun in Demonologist

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After gathering all the Salt Gun parts in the Hospital, the goal will be to shoot the ghost with it. It will always spawn in the same location at the front desk. Exorcising the ghost can be tricky, as the gun’s range is pretty short. A balance of keeping slightly away from the ghost while running backward is needed. The Salt Gun has unlimited ammunition with a slow rate of fire, so taking shots to test out the range is recommended to get a good feel for the weapon. While the ghost is hunting, it will phase in and out of sight and can only be shot when visible so don’t rush into it without a plan!

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