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Do you enjoy pampering your virtual furry friends? Is dressing up and showing off one of your favorite things to do in Adopt Me!? Then you may be interested in trying out the Paint Sealer! Added with the April 27, 2023, update, the Paint Sealer item can be purchased from the Salon and used to permanently change the color of your pets. To learn more about this process, continue reading below.

How to get a Paint Sealer in Adopt Me!

As mentioned above, the Paint Sealer is a single-use item that can purchased from the Salon. To find the Salon, head to Adoption Island and look for the pink building with a large pair of scissors on top.

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Once inside the salon, you may notice an NPC named Rusty sitting by the door. For now, ignore Rusty and head to the Salon Employee role. Interact with this role to begin working at the Salon.

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Next, head to the wall of spray paints and select a color of your choosing.

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Then, equip the pet whose color you want to change and use the spray paint on them by clicking on the spray paint icon.

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When your pet’s color changes, and you’re happy with the results, head back to Rocky and click on the Paint Sealer item that’s placed on his easel.

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This Paint Sealer costs 20 Robux and, when used on your pet, will “seal” the spray paint onto their fur, meaning it won’t go away after leaving and re-entering the experience.

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If for some reason you change your mind and want to undo the perma-color, you can do so at anytime (for free) by speaking to Rocky and asking him to remove the paint. The only other way to remove a paint-sealed color is by trading your pet away to another player.

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That’s everything there is to know about the Paint Sealer in Adopt Me!. While we can’t say for sure, at the time of this article’s publication, it seems like this is permanent item, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it going away with the next update.

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