Iconic Monsters I want to fight in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


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The Legend of Zelda series has numerous iconic enemies, many featured in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom adds even more enemies to the game, giving players more challenges and threats. While we have seen some of the new enemies, there are some that I would love to see return in Tears of the Kingdom.


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The Skulltula is one of the most iconic enemies in The Legend of Zelda. Most kids, myself included, were traumatized by the family transformed into Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time. These spider enemies have had various appearances and forms, whether they hung from webs, clung to walls, or crawled on the ground. They would be a welcome return to Tears of the Kingdom, especially if we get various forms of them.

Like Like

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Like Likes always freaked me out as a kid, but they are classic Zelda enemies that deserve a reappearance in Tears of the Kingdom. With the destructible equipment, adding them would make sense as they were known to destroy Link’s equipment in other games. They were typically defeated by throwing a bomb into their ravenous mouths, so we’ll have to wait and see what kind of bombs Link gets this go around and if the Like Like returns.


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Tektite’s may be an easy enemy to defeat, but they certainly made an impression on child me. I couldn’t quite get the timing down when fighting them, but I’d love another shot in Tears of the Kingdom. These enemies have appeared in various titles but nothing recent, so seeing these jumping bug-life creatures return would be a great throwback to older Zelda titles.

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Adding Poes to Tears of the Kingdom may be redundant due to the Wizzrobes, but I want the Poes back. These spooky spirits normally inhabit the graveyards of Hyrule but could be encountered elsewhere. Also, with ReDeads returning, getting one more undead enemy would go a long way toward showcasing a darker theme in Tears of the Kingdom. Plus, collecting Poe Souls would add more crafting and cooking options.


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The Aeralfos may not be iconic, or at least not for the right reasons, but this annoying enemy was a great challenge in Twilight Princess. The Aeralfos only appeared in one other Zelda game, Tri Force Hereos. However, with Tears of the Kingdom’s emphasis on the sky islands and other flying enemies, the Aeralfos is the perfect enemy to add. Link has numerous tools at his disposal that he didn’t have in Twilight Princess, so this should reduce the annoyance of this mini-boss and open up unique challenges.

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