INDIKA for PS5, Xbox Series launches on May 17

After a delay from its originally planned release alongside the PC (Steam, epic games store, GOGO), the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of the game based on a third-person story INDIKA will be released on May 17, publisher 11 bit studios and developer Odd Meter Announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via 11 bit Studios:

INDIKA promises to immerse players in an ambiguous, deceptive and thought-provoking story about faith and self-confidence.

In terms of gameplay, INDIKA It seamlessly blends narrative with environmental puzzles and platforming elements, touching on themes rarely explored in video games. Is it in Indika’s power to intervene in God’s design as a seemingly unconventional nun? Or will everything unfold as planned, rendering any kind of effort useless?

And then there is Ilyia. He is mired in sin, but claims that God has spoken to him. But most importantly, what about the other diabolical presence that always lurks behind Indika’s shoulder, threatening her with pity and pricking her head with difficult and thought-provoking questions that are best left unanswered?

Can fervent prayers really help her escape this madness?

INDIKA is a third-person adventure game that effectively combines exploration and environmental puzzles, with a touch of platforming. Through its themes of sin, pain and ethical dilemmas, INDIKA It transcends the boundaries of conventional games and resembles an avant-garde film that aims to question social conventions rather than simply providing entertainment.

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