Is Hearthstone down? How to Check Server Status

Occasionally issues will arise that prevent users from enjoying online games such as Hearthstone. Most of these issues affecting Hearthstone are usually strange bugs and server issues. Luckily, players can check to see if Hearthstone is down using a few quick steps. 

How to check the Hearthstone server status

To check the status of Hearthstone’s servers, you must first try official channels, as they are usually the quickest and best way to confirm issues. Since Hearthstone is owned and operated by Blizzard, you should first check the official customer support Twitter account. The Blizzard official customer support account occasionally posts about any issues affecting Blizzard products, making it great for confirming server issues. Besides the customer support Twitter account, the next best place to check is to check the Hearthstone Twitter account

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The Hearthstone Twitter account also occasionally posts about issues or other information regarding the game. Beyond Twitter, the next best place for confirming Hearthstone server issues is to check a third-party site called down detector. The down detector site is a third-party service that routinely monitors popular games and reports when server issues arise. 

If you find any source indicating server issues in Hearthstone, you must wait for them to pass. It will take time for the developers to fix potential problems, so you can only wait. However, if you didn’t find any server issues, your problems with Hearthstone could be client-side.

Why are Hearthstone servers down?

Hearthstone servers are usually stable, but issues can happen from DDoS attacks on server infrastructure or broader issues. Bugs and other performance may appear out of no where as well that can take down servers for games like Hearthstone. Usually, you can figure out what is currently going on with Hearthstone servers by checking official channels as recommended. 

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