Is Roblox Down? Here’s how to check Roblox server status

Every once in a while, Roblox refuses to connect to a game. You’ll join the platform as normal, travel to your favorite game’s launch page, press play and… nothing. Just a disappointing error message. In most cases you just need to reconnect to the game. But what if that doesn’t work?

Are the Roblox Servers Down right now?

UPDATE: Roblox appears to down as of May, 15, 2023 at 1:30pm CT – Error Code 529 – Players are experiencing an error when attempting to join games

Googling this will present countless options when attempting to check the Roblox server status. However, some websites are inaccurate while others are downright confusing. Fortunately, the Roblox company has their own official page to check server operations. Below we’ve detailed how to check the Roblox Status page and—if that fails—how to check a secondary website.

Option One: Check Roblox Status Page

Straight from the source itself, the Roblox company has built a Status Page for users to reference when faced with launch issues. Detailed without overwhelming the user, this page is broken down into three categories—User, Player, Creator. Specific areas of Roblox like the Website, Mobile App, and Xbox App are listed separately, beneath each category.

Specific areas of the platform might only experience issues, as opposed to the whole platform going offline. You’ll know everything is working properly if “Operational” is listed across from the item, in green.

A Deeper Look

For a more in-depth look at previous server outages, Roblox allows you to reference its past History of Server Outages. This page pinpoints moments down to the exact time and date of a server outage. The company also designates each issues as a Partial Service Disruption or a Service Disruption, pinpointing which location of the platform is affected.

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Option Two: Check Roblox on Downdetector

The Roblox Downdetector page tracks user reports in real-time. Meaning, any player experiencing a server issue may log the outage at the time of occurrence. Downdetector then logs the user reports and graphs the data for everyone to reference.

Downdetector serves as a helpful secondary tool as outages are reported in real time, straight from the player base. In the rare case that Roblox isn’t fast enough to report outages, rest assured that users are logging their own data on Downtector. It’s an efficient method of confirming whether the issue is widespread, or simply an issue with your ISP.

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