Is there Character Creation in Honkai Star Rail?


Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based RPG where you play the main character who boards the Astral Express—a space train that traverses across worlds in the massive galaxy. As the story follows the journey of the MC, you might be wondering if it’s possible to customize their looks to feel more personal and immersive.

Can you customize the MC in Honkai Star Rail?

Unfortunately, Honkai: Star Rail has no character creation feature. Unlike MMORPGs, where you can spend countless hours configuring every millimeter of your character’s cheekbones and apply virtual botox for sky-high arches (I’m guilty of this), Honkai: Star Rail immediately immerses you into gameplay with technical tutorials.

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Once Kafka and Silver Wolf encounter the Receptacle—the vessel for the Stellaron—you’ll be able to choose between the male or female MC. They come with default designs and can’t be customized, but you do have the opportunity to give them a name (which doubles up as your in-game name).

With that said, Honkai: Star Rail follows the typical JRPG format, where the story follows a pre-designed main character. While you’re unable to customize a mini-me (unlike Tower of Fantasy, which has an extensive character creation system), you can still be immersed in Star Rail’s compelling story as Stelle or Caelus.

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