Naraka: Bladepoint raises the intersection of the Green Fairy


Naraka: Bladepointthe famous fighting royale game from the developer 24 Entertainmenthas just released a new trailer for Vegetable Fairy cooperation. The event will contain a Polesword Skin, a legendary head accessory, and more. This mini crossover is scheduled to launch tomorrow, April 27, 2023, and will run until May 24, 2023.

Naraka: Bladepoint Available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. You can watch today’s new crossover trailer on Naraka: Bladepoint YouTube channel:

Naraka: Bladepoint He’s definitely embraced his funnier side with this collaboration, which has proven to be a bit divisive. Most casual players enjoyed the unapologetic cuteness, while others were somewhat dismayed at how weird these in-game cosmetics would feel.

After all, Naraka: Bladepoint He has more than a few other collaborations with more serious titles like Shadow warrior And Wu Long: Fallen Dynasty. Offering players a heads-up and matching polar words can break the immersion a bit.

Although there are some really weird cosmetics to start with, something like this Vegetable Fairy It potentially opens the door to strange collaborations, which could ultimately jeopardize the hardcore warrior theme. However, the crossover has a special kind of cultural and optimistic style.

Either way, the trailer certainly has a nice and innovative cinematic style, as well as some gameplay to see what the new in-game cosmetics will look like. It’s really quite detailed, and the weapon in particular doesn’t really stand out much. It’s the head accessory and the cabbage dog’s laugh that will likely draw a line for the skeptics.

The event coincides with the campaign mode’s final chapter: Showdown, for longtime fans hoping for something more traditional:

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