Is there New Game Plus in Redfall?


Redfall is a narrative-driven first-person shooter by Bethesda and Arkane Studios. Players select a hero and dive into the vampire-infested town of Redfall. As players progress, they work through various missions and quests until they reach the final mission and boss. With the story concluding, you may be wondering if there is a new game plus in Redfall.

Does Redfall have New Game Plus?

The answer is yes—there is a new game plus in Redfall. Upon completing the game, you are immediately sent back to the beginning of the game, but you will have all your unlocks with you. This lets you replay the game at the same level and with all your perks from when you finished the game. However, note that your previous save is overwritten by the new game plus mode, so you’ll want to explore Redfall’s large map fully.

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Can you finish quests after completing Redfall?

No, once you complete the game, you are instantly placed in a new game plus mode with that character. This means any quests or story-related missions you did not complete cannot be done. Once you are in the new game plus mode, you must redo everything. I didn’t realize this until I beat the game, so I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t finish everything in the game before beating it.

If you are missing any quests or collectibles, you must finish them before completing Redfall; otherwise, you will miss out on these. We recommend completing any final challenges, missions, and other things you want to do before completing the game. Alternatively, with the new game plus, you can speed through previous content, so you can always finish things then.

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