Lightning McQueen races to Rocket League this week

Chow! CarsLightning McQueen is joining the Rocket League tomorrow, November 7, with exclusive decals, goal explosions and more. Lightning McQueen is also an extra special release. Apart from the vehicular soccer game and the big collaboration between Disney and Pixar, this is the first car in Rocket League to feature dynamic expressions.

As in the Cars Pixar franchise, Lightning McQueen looks around the pitch as you cruise the arena, narrowing his eyes as you focus on his speed and reacting to every score. “With the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle, you’ll be able to play as three different versions of the Route 66 icon,” a Blog post reads “The first is the rust-edge decal. With the number 95 on the side and a lightning bolt, you’ll take the winner’s podium with plenty of style.”

There’s also a Cruisin decal and a Dinoco decal, and you can see both in the gallery below:

With Ka-Chow Goal Blast, you can celebrate every goal scored like Lightning McQueen knows how, and with Rascal Flatts’ new “Life is a Highway” player anthem, you can take your winnings to another level of excitement.

“Both the red Lightyear Racing Wheels and the blue Lightyear Dynoco wheels are run and ready to pitch,” the blog post reads. “Lightyear whitewall wheels bring back memories of classic hot rods and rosters.” You can check them out in the gallery above. If you are not interested in the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle, the Lightning McQueen Car, Ka-Chow Goal Blast, and “Life is a Highway” Player Anthem can be purchased separately.

The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle costs 2500 Rocket League Credits and includes the following:

  • Lightning McQueen Car (Dominus Hitbox)
  • Rust-Edge Decal
  • Dino’s decal
  • Cruisin decal
  • Lightyear Racing Wheels
  • Lightyear Dynoco Wheels
  • Lightyear whitewall wheels
  • Ka-Chow Goal Blast
  • Lightning McQueen Player Banner
  • “Life Is A Highway” Player Song by Rascal Flatts

Lightning McQueen hits Rocket League on November 7.

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Are you picking up Lightning McQueen? Let us know in the comments below!

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