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■ Minigames

Get ready for endless adventures and a huge amount of fun and excitement in Like a dragon: infinite wealth!

Like a dragon: infinite wealth It has the greatest variety of content to date! Enjoy countless mini-games spanning from Hawaii to Japan!

1. Crazy delivery

Pick up food and deliver it in style!

Let’s get Crazy! In Crazy Delivery, it is important to show that “Crazy is captivating.”

Earn money making deliveries. Perform amazing stunts on your route to earn better tips and increase your income! Try drifting through the streets and performing tricks and wheelies as you race around Hawaii to transport food to your hungry customers.

2. Dondoko Island

Turn the island from rock bottom to a high-end resort!

Following unforeseen events, Kasuga finds himself responsible for breathing new life into Dondoko Island, a place that has unfortunately become the local dumping ground.

Kasuga teams up with pets Gachapin and Mukku to transform the island from a scrap heap to a five-star resort. He hits scattered trash with a bat to find resources that can be used in DIY. Build furniture and buildings, such as cabaret clubs and convenience stores, to improve the island’s infrastructure.

As the island develops, more and more guests will come to visit and stay. Producing more souvenirs and offering local specialties will increase the island’s popularity. Defend the island from the meddling Washbucklers as you set out to turn your own personal paradise into a tourist hotspot!

3. Miss Party

Try to connect with stunning women from all over the world using the new matchmaking app!

Start by editing Kasuga’s message and profile icon to create a profile that’s sure to be a hit with women.

When chatting with a girl, choose responses and emoji that make her happy and liven up the conversation. Once successfully wooed, it’s time for Kasuga’s long-awaited face-to-face meeting with the girl!

Will it turn out to be everything you ever imagined and more? Dating girls will improve Kasuga’s personality stats. Use the app to date different girls and develop your manhood!

4. karaoke

A host of new songs, including Kazuma Kiryu’s old favorite, “Baka Darou (Playing the Fool)!”

Chat with your friends, enjoy a drink or sing along to the latest songs at the local karaoke bar!

—Ichiban Kasuga: “Summer Mode”

—Kazuma Kiryu: “Baka Darou (Playing Fool)”

—Chitose Fujinomiya: “Honolulu City Lights”

—Saeko Mukoda: “WAKE UP”

—Joongi Han: “If I could love who I love”

5. Arcade games

Play some hit classics!

Like a dragon: infinite wealth Will feature some old favorites! fight in Beakenjoy lakeside fishing in SEGA Bass Fishingor create your dream team of fighters and compete in team battles in Virtua Luchador 3tb!


—-SEGA Bass Fishing

—Virtua Fighter 3TB


Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama now offers an exciting new poker minigame called m HOLD’EM!

Enter the meticulously recreated interior and enjoy food and drink while you play. Whether you decide to come alone or with someone, nothing beats a game of poker with a cocktail in hand!

7. Live Darts 3

The new darts machine adds new rules and a new dimension to the game!

Darts Live 3 features beloved classics like 01, as well as the newly added Center Count-Up. Foster stronger bonds with your friends through a game of darts!

There are also plenty of other mini-games available for a more mature palate!

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